Bumlebi’s weblog is a personal blog. A personal blog about everything and nothing at all. It started in connection with a work-place initiative but now features mostly personal content.

Bumlebi is my first LOTRO character.

My name is Bolette Ammitzbøll, and I’m mostly happy :). Happy that I am mother to a wonderful little boy. Happily married. Happy with my job as IT-developer. Happy with my friends, my family, my house. Happy that being ill, at least I have a clear diagnosis (MS), good doctors, a good job arrangement and, hey, think of all the wonderful things I can still do :). Unhappy thoughts? Well, MS does steel an awful lot of my energy, and the future seems just a little more unsure… But doesn’t everybody wish they had more energy, and isn’t everybody’s future unsure? Yes, mostly happy :).


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